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PhD Students

1. Omid Dayyani, Ghorbani, G. R. 2004. The effects of oilseeds on ruminal protozoa, milk production, milk fatty acid profile and yield of conjugated linoleic acid.

2. Abbas Ali Gheisari, Ghorbani, G. R. 2004. Effects of Different Levels of Dietary Vitamins C, E and Fat on Performance, Immune Responses and Meat Oxidative Stability in Heat-Stressed Broiler Chicks.

3. Mohammad Khorvash, Ghorbani, G. R. 2006. Use of absorbents and inoculants to enhance the quality of corn silage.

4. Masih Allah Forouzmand, Ghorbani, G. R. 2006. Effect of three Iranian corn hybrids and their harvesting time on plant agronomic traits, silage quality and dairy cow performance.

5. Maryam Bagheri Varzaneh, Ghorbani, G. R. 2009. Effect of Yeast and Yeast Cell Wall Carbohydrates on Rumen Fermentation and Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows.

6. Hassan Sadri, Ghorbani, G. R. 2009. Responses of Transition Cows to Chromium and Grain Source of Diet, and Studying Gene Expression of Insulin Signaling Related Factors in Dry- and Early Lactating Dairy Cows.

7. Ali Asadi Alamouti, Ghorbani, G. R. 2009. Effect of forage particle size and form of neutral detergent soluble carbohydrates on performance of lactating dairy cows.

MSc Students

1. Majid Shahmoradi, Ghorbani, G. R. 1996. Effects of Zeranol implants on growth and carcass characteristics in ram and wether lambs.

2. Seied Noorodin Tabatabaei, Ghorbani, G. R. 1996. Comparative effects of feeding millet versus barley on composition of milk and performance of dairy cattle..

3. Taghi Ghoorchi, Ghorbani, G. R. 1996. Determination of chemical composition and digestibility of range plants in Isfahan province

4. Masoud Baroumand Gazi, Ghorbani, G. R. 1996. Effects of different levels of sodium bicarbonate in rapidly degradable diets, on early lactating cows performance.

5. Hamid Reza Mahmoudian Fard, Ghorbani, G. R. 1996. Colostral composition of indigenous cows of Golpaigan and effect of feeding of their colostrum on serum immunoglobulin levels in Holstein calves..

6. Safar Ali Haj Heidary, Ghorbani, G. R. 1997. Studying the relative value of fish meal compare to cottonseed meal in rapidly degradable diets in dairy cows..

7. Amir Hossein Reza Khani, Ghorbani, G. R. 1997. Effect of different levels of urea on low producing cows.

8. Nader Foroogh Ameri, Ghorbani, G. R. 1997. Study on the nutritive value and digestibility of dried and silage form of Pistachio Epicarpe.

9. Omid Dayyani, Ghorbani, G. R. 1998. Replacement of alfalfa hay with wheat straw in isofibrous diets with different level of cation-anion balance on dairy cows performance.

10. Shahab Be-Din Mosharaf Ghahfarokhi, Ghorbani, G. R. 1998. Substituting barley with sorghum grain in dairy cattle's diet and its effects on milk yield and composition.

11. Ali Jafari, Ghorbani, G. R. 1998. Effect of milking frequency and oxytocin injection on dry matter intake, milk production and composition of dairy cattle.

12. Arash Haji Hosseini, Ghorbani, G. R. 1999. Chemical composition and in situ degradability of ten cereal barley varieties.

13. Akbar Moradi Ghahdaijani, Ghorbani, G. R. 1999. Effect of barley grain particle size on dairy cow performance.

14. Mohammad Reza Mashayekhi, Ghorbani, G. R. 1999. Comparison of chemical components and digestibility of common reed silage with different methods of treatment.

15. Masih Allah Forouzmand, Ghorbani, G. R. 1999. Response of lactating dairy cows to whole cottonseed or Ca-salts of different fatty acids varying in degree of saturation.

16. Reza Pishnamazi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2000. Determination of chemical composition and degradability of twelve grains by in situ method.

17. Omid Fallahpour, Ghorbani, G. R. 2000. Effects of replacing barley with macaroni wastes on production and composition of milk in dairy cows.

18. Behnam Moshiri, Ghorbani, G. R. 2000. Effect of poultry litter as a mineral supplement for dairy cows.

19. Nasrin Mehrdad, Ghorbani, G. R. 2001. Influence of cutting and growing stages on the degradability of alfalfa.

20. Mohsen Babashahi Koohanestani, G. R. 2003. Relationship between blood and milk urea nitrogen and fertility in dairy cows.

21. Ali Asadi Alamouti, Ghorbani, G. R. 2003. Evaluation of characteristics of millet silage prepared in laboratory and effects of additives and a preservatives on its fermentation quality.

22. Maryam Bagheri Varzaneh, Ghorbani. G. R. 2003. Fermentative production of L-lysine and its influence on broiler performance.

23. Mehdi Ranjbari, Ghorbani, G. R. 2003. Evaluation of the composition chemical, the degradability by in situ technique and the particle size of corn silages.

24. Hassan Sadri Alvari, Ghorbani, G. R. 2003. Comparison of differently processed barley for dairy cows.

25. Hamid Rismani Yazdi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2004. Isolation and characterization of ruminal cellulolytic bacteria and evaluating their in vitro cellulolytic activity.

26. Nassim Bakhshi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2004. Effect of probiotic and milk feeding frequency on performance of dairy Holstein calves.

27. Seied Mehdi Masoumi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2005. Effects of feeding canola meal on total tract digestibility, feed intake and milk production and in dairy cattle.

28. Habiballah Malekmohammadi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2005. Effects of using propylene glycol on negative energy balance and performance of production and reproduction in transition dairy cow.

29. Adel Pezeshki, Ghorbani, G. R. 2006. Effects of short dry periods on performance, reproduction and metabolic parameters of Holstein dairy cows.

30. Shahriar Kargar, Ghorbani, G. R. 2006. Response of Holstein dairy cows to hydrogenated palm oil and yellow grease in diets with different forage ratios.

31. Javad Amini, Ghorbani, G. R. 2006. Effect of shortening in Holstein cows dry period on colostrum quality and calves health.

32. Yadollah Moharrami, Ghorbani, G. R. 2006. Effect of body condition score on performance, reproductive parameters and metabolic disorders in Holstein dairy cows.

33. Morteza Hosseini Ghafari, Ghorbani, G. R. 2007. Influence of two methods of drying off cows on intramammary infection rate in Holstein cows given short dry period.

34. Abolfazl Soltani, Ghorbani, G. R. 2007. Comparison of two methods of barley grain processing in two different levels on performance of lactating dairy cows.

35. Rasoul Kowsar, Ghorbani, G. R. 2007. Responses of Holstein dairy cows to diets containing yellow grease and different alfalfa hay: corn silage ratio.

36. Khaled Sadeghi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2007. The effects of microbial inoculation on fermentation and nutritive value of high moisture corn silage.

37. Ebrahim Ferdowsinia, Ghorbani, G. R. 2007. Effect of mastitis in Holstein cows on colostrum quality and calves health.

38. Akbar Ghaempoor, Ghorbani, G. R. 2007. Effects of microbial inoculant on the nutritive value of low dry matter corn silage for dairy cows.

39. Mojtaba Yari, Ghorbani, G. R. 2008. Performance and Physiology Responses of Holstein Calves under Mild Heat Stress to Chromium-Methionine in Pre and Post Weaning.

40. Mehdi Mirzaee, Ghorbani, G. R. 2008. The effects of Chromium Supplementation on Performance and Blood Parameters of Holstein Cows under Heat Stress.

41. Saeid Saidali Doulatabad, Ghorbani, G. R. 2008. Ensiling High Moisture Sugar Beet Pulp with Feed and Non-Feed Additives.

42. Farzad Hashemzadeh Cigari, Ghorbani, G. R. 2008. The Effects of Inoculants, Molasses and Wilting on Fermentation Quality and Nutritive Value of Alfalfa Silage.

43. Amin Akbarian, Ghorbani, G. R. 2009. Performance and Physiological Responses of Holstein Lactating Cows to Whole Soybean Treated with Physical Processing.

44. Ahmad Shahmoradi, Ghorbani, G. R. 2009. Effect of Probiotic (P1 & DCP) in Mid Lactation of High Producing Dairy Cows.

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